Monogram Rubber Stamps

I love my Monogram Rubber Stamps from Invitation Consultants! Despite Skype, Facebook, Twitter and the hundreds of other ways to keep in touch these days, I’m still a big fan of snail mail.  I anxiously await the mailman’s arrival every day at lunch time!  I love getting mail, especially personal letters and cards from people.  And I love sending them back, with an added personal touch.  Not often do we sit and put pen to paper and that in itself is personal and shows that you took the time to sit down and write a letter, address and stamp it and mail it.  When I send my cards, I like to add a little something that make my cards and letters stand out, whether it be a special stamp or sticker.  I was so excited when Invitation Consultants sent me one of their Custom Stampsters to try!

The Intricate Initial Stamp is of one of my new favorite things!  The Stamper has our family name (The Strachans) and our address on it, as well as a intricate dotted design around the monogrammed “S”.  The plastic stamp device is a vibrant red color and has black ink.  The Stampster is lightweight and easy to use.  One simple light press down on the paper and it leaves a clean, easy to read address stamp!  There is a cover over the ink part of the stamp to prevent drying out or getting ink on anything between uses.  The stamp device also comes in black and blue with the choices of black, red, blue, purple or green ink!   The Intricate Initial Stamp retails for $44.44 but you can purchase it from Invitation Consultants for only $40!!

Invitation Consultants offers a large selection of other designs for their custom Stampsters.  Not looking for a custom address stamp?  Invitation Consultants also offers Stampsters for teachers (“from the desk of”  with an apple in the middle!!) and Sororities!!   Check out their wide selection of invitations, stationary and partyware  for your next event!

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