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Catch Up On Missed TV Shows With An IPad Docking Station With Speakers

I travel a lot for my blog, and I end up missing a lot of my regular programs that I watch on television. There are a ton of great shows that I am really hooked on and do not want to miss a single episode, but when traveling, I am working practically from the minute my feet hit the floor until I go to bed.  Once I am home, the first thing I do is spend some much missed cuddle and playtime with my boys.  Finally, after the boys go to bed, I am ready to unwind by snuggling  in my bed and catching up on my missed programs.  The best way to do this is on my iPad since I can see not only the newest episodes I have missed, but even catch up on whole seasons. However, while I am trying to lay back and relax, it is hard to get a completely comfortable angle while holding my iPad.  An iPad docking station would go perfect in my bedroom kind of like my personal home entertainment center. iLuv is one of my favorite companies for tech accessories, and they carry the ArtStation Pro. The ArtStation Pro is will fit perfect on my bedroom headboard, and has a crystal clear sound so I can actually hear the shows I want to watch. It even has a remote so I don’t have to keep leaning up and down from my pillow to change the volume for commercials. I lay down with my husband at night and turn the pillows the other way, so we can catch up on Dexter and Big Love.

iPad Docking Station With Speakers By iLuv

The iPad isn’t the only device that you can use on the ArtStation. You can create a home entertainment center using the  iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.  iLuv also makes a similar product for the Samsung line. Using a wireless remote, you can choose songs from a playlist or Internet radio.  The remote adjusts the volume when it’s not in use, you can magnetically store it on the back.  This is awesome because with two toddlers running around, I never have to play the game, Where’s the remote?” One of my favorite features is that it has a rotating arm. You can turn the iPad either in landscape which is optimal for TV viewing or horizontal which is great for Face Time with the family. The iLuv App can be downloaded to access features including an alarm clock with several wake options, adjust the brightness and choose your clock display.  The ArtStation Pro was developed by iLuv Creative Technology, a company based in New York City.  Now a well known worldwide brand,  iLuv (which stands for “Innovative Lifestyle Unquestionable Value), stays ahead of the competition in design, performance and customer service.

You can buy the The ArtStation Pro at the iLuv online store for $169.99. Stay connected with iLuv by liking them on Facebook!

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