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iPhone Speaker Dock With Superior Sound

My family loves music and we listen to it A LOT! My kids and I have woven music into virtually every area of our lives. When we are cooking together in the kitchen, we are listening to the Black Eyed Peas (apropos I think!) and dancing. When we are cleaning the house, we usually listen to Green Day (because we use organic cleaning products, duh). For those days when we are just being lazy and chilling, we tend to lean towards Van Morrison or possibly Adele. In order to enjoy music properly, you need to have the best audio equipment possible. Since most of our music is on our Apple products, we dock the iPhone and crank up the tunes. We prefer to use the products from iLuv because they rock! (duh!)

iPhone Speaker Dock With Superior Sound

It is funny how much something becomes a piece of you like music and you pass it on to your kids. My oldest daughter and I would lay underneath the Christmas tree and listen to Stevie Nicks sing Silent Night. One of our favorite singers when she was around 10 or so was Lisa Loeb and her song “You Say” is her ring tone. Because she loves music so much and had recently gotten an iPhone 5, I wanted to find an iPhone speaker dock with superior sound. With the new Aud 5 from iLuv, that is exactly what you get!

The Aud 5 was designed so it could be the talk of the dinner party when your guests comment on the rich and clear sounds. Due to its full range speakers, you will get sound like nothing you have ever heard from such a compact unit. With its sleek and modern design, it fits well into any decor, and is such a size that it does not overpower. As with all of the iLuv products, the Aud 5 is of exceptional quality, has powerful sound and is built to stand the test of time. With its charging feature, there is no need to have a separate device for that. While you are enjoying the play list from your iPhone 5, you can charge it at the same time! You can purchase the Aud 5 from the iLuv website for $149.99 as well as all of the other iLuv products. You can find products for your iPhones, iPods, iPads, Samsung, Mac and Kindle.

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