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iPod Speaker Dock Speakal iKurv Review

This is a great story on an iPod Speaker Dock by my good friend Acadia.

Acadia “Treacherous” Einstein jogged silently down the hall to his penthouse apartment and slid the key in silently.  He ducked inside, locked the door behind him and relaxed for just a second.

iPod Speaker Dock

He took his Ipod out of his tuxedo pocket and clicked it into his Speakal iKurv.  The gorgeous curved, black iPod speaker system sparked to life with its familiar blue lights.  Despite all that was going on, he still couldn’t believe that a product that retails for only $89.99 online looks like it cost $500.  And it fit every model of iPod so any guests he had could use theirs as well.  The gentle sounds filled the living room of the penthouse as he turned up the volume.  He had full control over his playlists and was starting to mellow out.

He started to reflect on the evening.  He had gotten a tip that Neville Windham, a well-known thief, was looking to take a collection of diamonds from the Portland Museum of Art.  Neville was good, but there was no way that he nabbed those rocks for himself.  He must have a client, a client who wasn’t going to be happy that Einstein had liberated the gems from the thief and would be returning them to the museum tomorrow.  All he had to do was keep them safe for a night.  That was when he heard someone in the hallway.  Maybe keeping them safe for the night was going to be harder than he thought.

He switched off the iKurv (we was suddenly glad he hadn’t gotten one of the cuter models of an iPod Speaker Dock, like the iBoo.  It’s adorable but would be better as a gift for a lady and would not look cool to an assassin) and stepped into the kitchen.  That way he could see the front door but whoever was coming in wouldn’t see him.  The latch popped and the door opened easily (the guy was good) and he immediately started to the left instead of the right.  The dining room and the patio were that way.

Acadia considered heading for the door but realized he would never make it.  He needed the guy in the living room.  Then he remembered the iKurv’s remote control.  He took it off the kitchen counter (he listens to his iPod while he cooks) and clicked power.

The cool blue lights turned on and Einstein saw the assassin look over.  He clicked the button again and the music started.  He adjusted the volume, changed songs, and turned the lights on and off, all via the remote.

The intruder moved to the living room to investigate.  While his back was turned, Acadia slipped out of the door behind him and took the stairs all the way to the street.  The 100 floors left him a little winded but he was safe.  He headed to the police station and hoped the intruder wouldn’t steal his Speakal iKurv iPod Speaker Dock.


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