Iron Man

Costume Supercenter has a great selection of costumes that are not just for Halloween. Even though Halloween is right around the corner and the Costume Super Center will be having great sales, my little guy needed a daily dress up outfit. All of his friends are girls and play dress up all the time. He feels left out from all the fun. One day we went over to his, best friend, Bella’s house; and she had dress ups for boys! Woody and Buzz. How cool is that? Well the search was on for a durable (It had to be if it was to be worn daily), easy to dress costume for a boy. It had to be something he could take off and on himself and not be too hot. It also had to be easy to clean. No dry clean only in this mama’s house!

I was thrilled to find that Costume Supercenter had such a great selection of superhero costumes, it was hard for me to decide which one to get him. So, I picked up Jakobi, sat him on my lap to pick for himself. As soon as he saw Iron Man it was the one he had to have! He thought every day the mailman came, he would have the costume. Finally when it arrived, Jakobi and I were both pleased to find that it was just what we were looking for, a light-weight, easy to wear, durable costume, which is now worn everyday. It is so funny to see my little super hero running around going pchtwew pchtwew! (That is the noise Iron Man makes)

You can buy an Iron Man cosume or another marvel super hero for around $25 to $30, and many times there are 20% off sales. In addition to boys costumes, you can find a great selection of princess outfits and adult costumes too! Don’t let Halloween be the only time your kids get to dress up, but also remember it is coming soon!

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