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Billy loving Jakobi. He is the best big brother.

You have seen in my previous posts about Angel SoftIdeal Balance of Softness and Strength talking about the Scrolls of Wisdom – The Lessons I Have Learned From ParentingWhat Is The Ideal Balance Of Softness And Strength? and how Angel Soft Has Softness And Strength. Then I told you about a scary experience I had as a mom, “The Ideal Balance of Softness and Strength In An Emergency.”  Since it is so close to Mother’s Day, I am going to continue the ideal balance of softness and strength theme by telling you about my valued experience of a mother.

As my oldest son has grown and in college, I have had many occasions to reflect on the experiences I value most. It is funny, but it isn’t the big, expensive vacations or the lavish gifts; but the little things. I love the fact that my children love each other so much. My oldest son is 15 years apart from my middle child. Watching him interact with the younger ones just warms my heart. Moments akin to the image above just tickle my warm fuzzy bone. We were at the Olive Garden and Jakobi wanted to sit next to his big brother. Then Billy let Jakobi torture him throughout the meal. He is a good kid. He was raised right. They are my boys and watching them share love is a valued experience.

The unsolicited affection that I get from my little ones is a treasured moment as well. They come up to me all of the time and tell me they love me for no reason or they run to me and give me a kiss. Billy, now 20, rarely ever hugs or kisses his mommy. The rare occasions that he does are extremely valued and will not be forgotten. I cling to those moments when the dear child forgets my birthday or is cranky cause I woke him up too early. AND when my silly boy comes up to me while I am working and says, “Hey mom! Put your head in this hole.” I do so with no questions asked. Of course, I try to take a selfie. who wouldn’t want to have this rare moment documented! Tell me…what moments do you value as a mom?

Angel Soft

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  1. I think watching my kids go from ‘kids’ to adults. Grounded, good, loving and loved adults. Kinda like seeing them thrive in the real world!

    My oldest is 26, he still hugs and kisses mommy… card carrying mama’s boy! His wife says I trained him well 🙂

  2. My precious moments are watching my boys interact with their baby sister. She mauls them, tortures them and teases them mercilessly! And yet they are protective and adoring of her! She is the most valuable thing in their world. And she absolutely adores them too, which is why she does all of the above. They are her favorite people in the world and visa versa. And I love seeing it each and every day.

  3. This is so sweet the way you talk about your children! I have 3 little ones so it is a rare occasion I get to spend 10 mins alone with just one. Just sitting reading, talking, counting or singing with each of them before they go to bed is my favorite time of day and a memory I will keep forever.

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