Nano Bugs

Creative Halloween Party Ideas For Mixed Ages

Looking for creative Halloween Party ideas for mixed ages? It is a HEXBUG Nano Halloween with themed packages perfect for any themed kids party. My kids and their friends had a blast. We received Glow in the Dark Zombies which you can see the small child holding in his hand. Those were the biggest hit. The kids keep calling their bones on the back their clothes. It was too cute. The little ones squealed as the Zombies chased them and the bigger kids spent the time organizing and reorganizing their tracks and chasing the little kids with the bugs down.

Thanks to Mommy Parties and MomSelect, my gang of hoodlums was able to share with their friends the wonders of the Hexbug Nano. Our family loves these toys so much we have given them away a few times at birthday parties. Everyone needs one of these lifelike squirmy, fun-filled bundles of fun running around their kitchen! You can buy a starter set for around 10.99 at Target and other retail stores and the Nano habitat set (pictured above) goes for right under $30. Perfect gifts for Christmas and would look great tracked around the tree! I cannot wait to see what special they will have out then! Check out the video below to see how cool these wiggly bugs are.

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