The i Wave Cube microwave is the perfect graduation gift. It is small enough to fit into a dorm room and is very easily transported. If you find yourself living in a small house or even a dorm room, this microwave was made just for you because it takes up less than one cubic foot of counter space. Even as it is so small, it still fits a decent sized plate or bowl and is perfect for popcorn and hot-pockets. there are even pre-settings to make it easy to make a snack.

It can be tailored to fit every need.  Not only is it fully functional, it can be carried anywhere; hunting, camping, fishing, in the truck or even in the man cave. It is so perfectly sized, you can even move it around the house from room to room. You can microwave in the bathroom if you wanted to.  Some college kids need to use time management! This is an easy way to make sure your kid is not spending all their dollars on fast food and pizza joints by giving them an alternative for “fast food.”

The i Wave Cube comes in black, silver, and white.  You can have this microwave in your home for $99.00, and it can be bought online at iwavecube.com. This microwave has been featured on the Today Show, Food Magazine, and People just to name a few.


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