Regardless of the style of home you live in, there are few accessories that will provide the comfort and relaxation like a spa or jacuzzi does. Having an outdoor jacuzzi will not only add to the value of your home, it will become part of your regular routine when it comes to leaving the stress and problems of the world behind you.

When my wife and I were in the market for buying our new home, we were looking for the house we would raise our family in and spend the rest of our lives. To be honest, a jacuzzi wasn’t on the list in regards of what we were looking for. It was one of the many extras that came with the house we fell in love with.

Creating a new feel

Due to the fact the home had sat empty for almost five years, there was a lot of maintenance and work that needed to be done both in and outside the house. This also included the jacuzzi which was sitting in the yard behind the house.

While the shell itself was in great condition, the spa pack needed to be replaced. Squirrels and other small rodents had made home for themselves in the enclosed area where the motor was. Almost all of the wiring had been chewed through and there were small nests throughout the enclosed area.

We made a list of the jacuzzi parts we would need to have replaced before the tub could be enjoyed. Because of the fact that I am by no means an expert in the area, we also hired someone who had installed jacuzzis for several years to do the work for us. Once we had the parts which were needed, it was only a matter of hours before everything was working exactly how it was supposed to.

I believe my wife has spent at least 15 minutes in the spa everyday since we were able to get it working. We have been able to use the spa as the focal point of our landscaping and have created quite the scenery. Not only does the jacuzzi provide comfort for the body, it also creates a relaxing atmosphere to be in.

Enjoying the peace

Since we have replaced the wiring and a few other parts, we haven’t experienced any problems other than the routine upkeep. By taking the time to keep the jacuzzi clean with each use, with a simple turning on the motor the jacuzzi is ready for instant use. Whether enjoying a glass of wine or relaxing while reading a book, the spa instantly provides peace and comfort that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise.

Having the jacuzzi has added to the options when it comes to hosting guests, spending time with family, or even escaping to enjoy some alone time and recuperate from a busy day. Now that we have been able to experience owning the spa, I can’t picture our house being a home without it. It has become part of the identity and character of our backyard that we look forward to having for years to come.