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Jamie Rae Hats Giveaway

I love little girl hats. I love them for photo props. I love them for when it’s cold outside. And I love them for just being plain cute! I was very excited when Jamie Rae Hats agreed to having me review one of their hats. As you can guess, this shop is all about hats for boys and girls. There is a variety of hats for different occasions.

Jamie Rae Hats sent me their Peony Hat– Light aloe w/pale pink peony. My daughter Paige is my baby.. well sort of. She just turned 15 months. I love to do a mini photo shoot each month. Those baby months just go way too fast and they change so much in the first couple of years. I thought this would be the perfect hat to do her to show off that cute adorable little face at 15 months. This hat is perfect, it is made out of a light cotton material in the color of light aloe. The side of the hat has a big pale pinky peony attached to it. In the center of the peony is a light pink gem. This hat is super cute! The material is stretchy allowing it to fit on the head of a baby or a toddler. What to purchase a hat like mine? It is sold on the Jamie Rae Hat’s online store for $22. This style of hat also comes in larger sizes and colors. Other cotton hats available are: Daisy Hats, Rose Hats, Geranium Hats, Regular Marabou Hats, and Curly Marabou Hats.

Halloween is right around the corner. I grew up in Minnesota/Iowa and it could get pretty cold for Halloween. Jamie Rae Hats has adorable Halloween hats and hand bands for your little “pumpkins”, that will keep them warm and fashionable.

Jamie Rae Hats website is user friendly and easy to navigate through. The hats, as well as headbands, are categorized by material, gender, and occasion. This is a great shop to start stocking up on warm and fashionable hats for fall and winter. For Makobi Scribe readers, Jamie Rae Hats is offering FREE SHIPPING with the code: BOGO

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