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Yes! I am a real mom. Wanna see? Well I really am just one piece to the crazy puzzle. Check out my husband. My life has become so crazy with blogging and my husband not being here and the kids being first class fruitcakes. I have been so stressed and frazzled, I actually left my house looking like this. WHY oh WHY did I do that? So of course, once I noticed what I looked like, I pulled out my camera and had a total stranger actually take my picture in the parking lot! I turned lemons into lemonade and decided to make a post (yes, and embarrassing one) about it. Do you ever feel like this? Or have you ever let yourself look like this? The good thing is that in this picture I am 143 🙂 and holding strong! I made it through Thanksgiving and only went up to 146 which is way better than what Noah did!

I made it to my 10 pound point, but then gained it back. So I was sad. Then Noah found out he would not be able to come home for Christmas so we were stressed. The kids were sad, I was sad. We decided to have Christmas early and guess what I got? A Wii! And guess what I did? I actually videod myself doing ZUMBA Fitness 2. So, this is another case of real mom gone wild LOL. Zumba I thought would be a fun way to integrate that dreaded exercise into my routine. Especially after that extra holiday weight. I wanted to get a handle on what I was doing and gaining before it got out of hand. I found that Zumba was a super easy exercise to do and was even somewhat easy to do with kids. I figured since I am working on losing weight, have actually added excercise, and I am talking about being a real mom, I should show you this video. Can’t hurt my self image I have built up thus far. Trust me! Yes, my kids are clinging to me. Mason is wearing a back brace so he could feel like he was wearing a Zumba belt. My oldest is laughing at me so he is shaking the camera and um, well LOOK at what I am wearing!!!! Love it! I am a Nutrisysytem Superstar cause guess what baby? I am 142!!!! Bam! Happy Thanksgiving Turkey!

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