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Jewelers That Support Philanthropic Causes

Today’s millennials pay greater attention to brand awareness than any other generation in the past ever has. Part of this is due to more people using social media and shopping online. So, not only are companies able to build their brand, people are able to shop more easily. One of the markets this is clearly seen in is jewelry.

The jewelry industry makes and sells incredibly expensive, luxurious items. Some of these companies also have a philanthropic issue accompanying their items. So, who are these companies and what do they stand for?

Jewelers Supporting American Charities

There are charities in every country in need of our support. Each organization does work in a country regarding a specific cause. For instance, here are two jewelers supporting American causes.

First, there’s the Caliber Collection, which was formally known as Jewelry for a Cause. Founded in 2008, they offer the typical selection of beautiful jewelry, which includes things like cuff links, bracelets, and abstract pieces. However, these pieces really aren’t so “typical” as they first appear since they’re made with the serial numbers from guns that were illegally purchased with their metal, as well as the metal from their bullets, used in manufacturing the jewelry itself. Their philanthropic efforts continue on from there. This company also offers support to the victims of illegal gun violence, along with their families and communities. As such, they give part of each sale to the organization they’ve started, called “Raise the Caliber.” They also co-brand their products with other (e.g. fashion, art, food, lifestyle) businesses to raise awareness of this issue.

Secondly, you have the Clarity Project who’s trying to create a free trade system through which designers create and sell jewelry. Founded by Shane Rogers, Rachel Lichte and Jesse Finfrock the brand crafts jewelry with fair trade certified metals. Their diamonds are also sourced from “fair” mines. Once sold, 100% of the profits re invested in collaborating with other nonprofit organizations.

Of course, this brings up the subject of “fair trade”, which is something you see mentioned quite often today. What exactly does this phrase mean? Well, to begin with, their motto is, “Quality Products. Improving Lives. Protecting the Planet.” When you think about this you’ll see they’re talking about the goods are fair. These products come from farms whose workers are justly compensated. This helps farmers in developing countries build a sustainable lifestyle. Fair Trade is also a charity itself. They teach disadvantaged communities to use the free market to their advantage. The organization uses any money they earn to improve an entire community’s daily lives.

Jewelers Supporting Overseas Charities

Of course, it’s just as important to help care for other countries. Fortunately, there are many organization that do this. In fact, there are two jewelers who have dedicated themselves to such philanthropic work.

The first is Linhardt Design, which was founded in 2008, is a fine and fashion jeweler that marries innovative design with exceptional craftsmanship. They’re also very socially and environmentally responsible in the work they do. This shows in their support of:

  • The Kenya Education Fund’s (KEF) mission is to support disadvantaged students and their schools with support and resources to improve their communities, thus breaking the poverty cycle.
  • 3 Mariposas Montessori (3MM) works with parents and teachers in a unique, early childhood development program in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. The goal is to help them live healthy, happy, and successful lives.

The second is Raven + Lily, which hires Ethiopian and Indian artisans to craft handmade jewelry, paper, scarves, and soaps. This socially conscious, eco-friendly brand also provides economic opportunities for marginalized women. On top of this, they also give 10% of their sales to funding education, micro-loans, and healthcare to those in challenged and developing countries including Ethiopia, India, Cambodia, Kenya, the USA, Guatemala, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Haiti.

Currently, Raven + Lily employs over 1,500 poverty-stricken women with fair trade wages. They also give these women with safe jobs, sustainable incomes, health care, education, and the opportunity to end the poverty cycle for them and their families. In fact, they’re named as one of the Best for the World in Community Impact. They’re a certified B-Benefit Corporation who’s truly committed to making a difference. They’re also a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and have won the Sustainable Brand Leader for Jewelry Award.

Many of these jewelers’ pieces are re-sold once their original owner finds they no longer want or need the jewelry they’ve purchased. For instance, pre-owned watches are also found at places like TrueFacet. This is great news if you find yourself unable to afford their original price tag and yet you’d still like to support their philanthropic causes.

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