JingIt is a fairly easy app you can use when you go shopping. It combines the aspects of social media, advertising and couponing all rolled into one. My favorite feature about this app is that General Mills And Box Tops for Education have partnered with Jingit to make a difference for your local school. My whole family has been collecting box tops for my niece for years. We put all our eggs in “her basket” to make more of a difference in our chosen school. Well, that and she is the only one that gets to win a prize every year. I think it is awesome that this little start up company has partnered with General Mills to help us help our community. They both recognize that our time is valuable so they pay us real cash for listening to the messages they want us to hear. Kind of nice don’t you think? If you join now, for a limited amount of time, you can earn bonus box tops every time you JingIt.


Not only can you earn box tops and money from your phone, but you can go directly to JingIt and do activities to earn box tops and cash. When you navigate to the Jingit website, you are able to watch videos while earning money and box tops. You can even see how your time is being valued with each video you watch. The Yoplait GoGurt Video below is valued at $30.52 an hour earning you $0.30 and four box tops.

Earn Money with the JingIt App

After you watch short videos, you are prompted to answer a few market research questions. Then, you are awarded your money and box tops. So off to Walmart we went in search of General Mills products that had the Box Tops for Education. The first one we found was the Yoplait yogurt.

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education

When looking for the items, they were easy to identify because they were specially marked boxes with Box Tops for Education and most had bonus box tops or extra big signs around the items.

General Mills

Once you find the product all you have to do is scan the bar code with your phone. this particular product has 4 box tops on it, you can earn 4 box tops with JingIt and you can earn 3 more box tops with a special off on the box. My niece is totally going to win this year!

JingIt Android Application

After each item I scanned, I was directed to another General Mills item and asked a question. You can see my whole path to My Google Plus Album. Are you ready to start earning box tops and cash?

  1. Start by signing up here for the Jingit App. Click Earn now and then Facebook Login. Don’t forget to choose your school! Then you can download the proper app for your cellular device.
  2. Go to Walmart and check in with your app. Scan the bar codes and play. You will earn cash right there and box tops for your school.
  3. Go to Walmart.com to engage with General Mills products and look for Jingit banner ads from these brands. You can JingIt right online. I found them rather easily by clicking to Walmart through this link.

I also made an interactive video to walk you through the process below.

Play the Qwiki: Navigating The JingIt App Online

You can further connect with Jingit on Twitter and on Facebook. After completing all the videos on the website and all of the check ins at Walmart, I earned $6.90.

JingIt Money

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Jingit #CBias #SocialFabric


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