Butter Pecan Ice Cream Lactose Free

Does that picture make your stomach grumble and mouth drool or do you cringe because you feel the pain on lactose intolerance? It should be the first one unless you are some weirdo with an aversion to ice cream! The ice cream is lactose free and I’ll even share the recipe: Lactose-free Butter Pecan Ice Cream Recipe.

BeyondLI-hi_res-150x150One of the biggest misconceptions about being lactose intolerant is that you must avoid dairy. Dairy is still very important for those with lactose intolerance (LI) and there are key ways to make it part of the LI diet. February is Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month and the National Dairy Council has been spreading the word about ways those with lactose intolerance can incorporate their favorite dairy foods into their diets.

No doubt you know that dairy is part of a well-balanced and healthful diet. In fact, dairy foods have a unique source of several nutrients that help improve overall health from our bones to our hearts. You could say it does it’s dairy best to keep you healthy!

One2One Network gals are so punny with a passion for dairy! The moooony puns are contagious, and now I am udderly excited to tell you about the upcoming #BeyondLi Twitter party! I just know it will be moo-sic to your ears! Please join The National Dairy Council, Toby Amidor, RD and member of the National Dairy Council’s Lactose Intolerance Speakers Bureau, and One2One Network, and Makobi Scribe at the Twitter party to chat more!

Twitter Party Details

  • Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2014
  • Time: 2-3 pm EST
  • What: Learn more about the health benefits of dairy and especially how those with LI can make it a part of their everyday diets.
  • Where: #BeyondLi on Twitter or Twubs
  • Who: @makobiscribe @NtlDairyCouncil @TobyAmidor and @One2OneNetwork
  • Prizes: Ten (10) $0 gift packs from the National Dairy Council that include a milk jug & spoon

How do I join the #BeyondLi Twitter Party?

  1. Follow your hosts @makobiscribe @NtlDairyCouncil @TobyAmidor and @One2OneNetwork

  2. RSVP on One2One Network
  3. Now tweet you will attend