My baby girl is what you would call a cruiser. She loves the freedom of moving around the room by holding onto furniture and toys, but once she lets go, she’s on her knees and crawling. We try to encourage her to walk as much as we can by holding her hands and walking around the house with her. But this can create a very tired and sore back from constantly bending over to her level. The Juppy Baby Walker is the perfect solution to this problem that all parents of non-walkers have! My daughter was so excited when we tried it for the first time and felt like she was walking on her own. She kept laughing and squealing and actually got mad when we took her out of it! I wish I had this when my son was learning to walk too! This would have saved me from a lot of backaches!

The Juppy Baby Walker is a parent assisted baby walker used to teach babies to walk with some assistance and protects them from harm during those wobbly days of early walking. The baby walker is made of 100% cotton and lined with a soft felt material to be comfortable against baby’s skin. They come in either blue, pink or black and are machine washable. The Juppy Baby Walker is designed for babies of all sizes and fit my chunky 25 lbs baby perfectly. The straps are adjustable to be comfortable for parents either tall or short. The baby walker comes with an adorable portable bag so you can throw it in your diaper bag and take it anywhere with you.  Visit their website for a video of the Juppy Baby Walker in action!

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