reverie sweet slumber pillow

If you suffer from allergies, you know how much they wreak havoc on your life. My son and husband have allergies and it has gotten serious for my son. He has always had issues with allergies since he was young and for a long period, he had to do 3 breathing treatments every day. Thankfully, he has gotten away from that, but he still suffers from common allergies around the house. Some of his worst allergies are to dust mites, mold and some pet dander. We have changed to HEPA filters in the house and the vacuum and have an air purifier in his room. With all that done, he still seems to have trouble sleeping with allergies and it drives us crazy. Our doctor said it may be his pillow, so we decided to make a change and went with a hypo allergenic pillow from Reverie.

It is funny how you think something is just great until you make a change. This is how it felt when we tried the Sweet Slumber Pillow from Reverie, which retails for $89. You can buy the pillow in standard, queen or in King for an extra $10. The is a hypo allergenic down alternative which is filled with shredded natural latex. Because it is also dust mite resistant and the 100% cotton cover can be removed and washed, it is perfect for our needs. It is supportive without being too firm, which I do not care for. It keeps it shape, even when you have a pillow fight with it! We really enjoy our Reverie pillow and if you are looking for a better night’s sleep, this is a good choice for you. With their 101 night guarantee with a 100% refund, you really cannot go wrong. The pillows, as well as their beds and other products are available on their website as well as other retailers, which can be found through their retail locator on their website. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.