Capes Make Great Dress Ups For Boys

Looking for great dress ups for boys? JustKidCostumes.com sent my son this awesome spiderman cape with his initial on it! (Please ignore my husbands laundry Anna) Jakobi and Mason were so excited when the package came, they tried on their capes right away. Jakobi had already had a cape and Mason and him always would get into arguments over who got to wear it. (The M is for our last name). They both really love to play dress up year round, and we collect all kind of cool costumes. Because I could not get the kids to sit still long enough to take a proper picture, I opted for video as well to show you how much fun they have. Keep in mind this was an impromptu thing so my house is not as clean because my husband just came home from his six weeks out and dropped all of his stuff everywhere as husbands do!

Spiderman Shirt and Cape Costumes

Now tell me boys do not look like they are having fun! Jakobi was thrilled with the Spiderman shirt and cape, and so was I. Jakobi got the shirt and Mason took the cape and off they went. The cape was silky and attaches easily around the next with a velcro strip. That means if Mason trips while running, it can be pulled off without choking him! Important for the little guys! You can purchase this cape and shirt set for $34.20 at JustKidsCostumes.com as well as a variety of other cape styles for both girls and boys.

Halloween can be celebrated all year round! Why limit dressing up and creative play to one season of the year? Why only let girls dress up as princesses? Boys have fun when they can be the great IronMan, Green Lantern or SpiderMan.