My 4yr old daughter has recently been exposed to the computer and games.  I have never been a fan of little kids playing on computers.  I guess I have seen too many kids with their head stuck in a computer, personal gaming system or phone and I always said my kids weren’t going to do that.  But as we all know that’s easier said than done.  I had a great opportunity to review the computer game Kabongo.  This game has changed my opinion of computer games for kids.  I love the graphics, bright colors and sounds.  All aspects of the game are educational which is really important to me because if she’s going to spend time on the computer I want it to have an educational base.  She has had an easy time navigating in and out of each land.  I hate to admit it but she’s better at it than I am!  We tried out Twister Top and Galaxy Gardens.

Twister Top: Desert Dash is a motorcycle ride through the desert to match the letter with the sounds you hear.  It helps to associate the actual letter with the letter sound.  This was great and helpful with her sound recognition.  Crazy Maze is a game where you take a letter and use the mouse to get through a maze to match up the letter with the rest of the word at the end.  Once you get to the end it shows and says the word you made as well as shows a picture.  I really liked this feature because this will help her with sight words.  And the maze is so fun, she loves mazes!  Design a Door is a memory game, there are a variety of shapes on the door that you have to memorize, then they disappear.  You use the mouse to click and drag shapes from the side to replicate the original door you saw.  It’s awesome because she’s a big fan of the board game memory, so this is a nice twist to that.

Galaxy Gardens: Photo Safari is a game that shows you a picture of an animal and then you must find that same animal and take a picture of is (using your mouse) then it shows you another picture that you need to match as well by taking a photo of it.  Robo Bobo is a game where you build a robot and match the items on the conveyor belt to the robot to complete the pattern.  There are various sizes, shapes, colors and patterns to match up.  Rocket Racer is a game you skateboard through and run over the letter they show you all the while avoiding the other letters and obstacles.

At the end of each game if you have completed the task you can pick a sticker to put on your comic book, a piece to add to the skateboard park or decoration for the tree-house.  Its nice that it gives you a choice of what you would like to pick.  The better you do the harder the game gets so it’s a constant challenge.

She loved the Avatar Maker, she thought all the options were so silly and this kept her busy creating for quite sometime.  When we went from game to game she changed her Avatar.  The commentary from the characters while you were waiting to go from game to game is so funny!  She really enjoyed seeing her new decorations she won in the tree-house, creating the comic book from the stickers she won and then adding to her skate park.  I think its great that she can actually see the prizes she won and create new things with them, she gets to enjoy her prizes over and over.

Its hard to say which one is her favorite she really liked all the games and asks over and over to play.  I have limited her time on the computer and this is the only game she plays so I give it an A+!  It makes me feel good that she is learning at every turn with Kabongo.  I think its fantastic that you can go to the parent center and look at the progress report to see how well your child is doing.  What a great way to keep track of strengths and weaknesses.

The games have been designed for ages 4-7 and they help promote early reading skills.  Twister Top and Galaxy Gardens are $4.95 each and can be purchased through the Kabongo website.  The website also has a free portion called Laughter Lake and it gives you a nice idea of what the other games have to offer.  I think its wonderful that you can use the free portion to get a taste of what the games are all about, you won’t be disappointed.  Check them out on Facebook.  You can win Laughter Lake, Twister Top and Galaxy Gardens by filling out the Rafflecopter form below.

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