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Kaijudo Rise of the Duel Masters From The Hub TV Network Review

Rise of the Duel Masters

If you have kids that love martial arts, they will love the new show from The Hub; Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters.  This exciting new cartoon has a colorful cast of hero’s, villains and duel masters.  The show focuses on a young boy named Ray who has special abilities that any kid would love to have!  Ray is able to interact and duel with several fantasy characters from another dimension.  As in any good versus evil story, Ray and his friends must fight to save the characters from a team of evildoers.  The only way Ray and his friends can save these creatures is to learn from a line of mysterious duel masters.
My family was so lucky to have been chosen to host a premier party for the premier of Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters.  We received the coolest poster that was signed by the creators of the series as well as a martial arts headband for each of the kids; all of which were compliments of the generous folks at Mommy Parties and The Hub TV Network. The team at Mommy Parties is probably the most thoughtful, organized and family focused group I have had the pleasure of working with.  Enclosed in the package with the DVD’s of the show, we also received great recipes and game ideas to make our party complete.  We invited my best friend Carol and her awesome kids Anna, Alex and Adam as well as our new next door neighbors Olivia and her brother Dominic to participate in the Kaijudo premier party.  We decided to make the Rusalka’s Sea Blue Punch which is hilarious if you are familiar with whom Rusalka is.  Rusalka is the aqua chaser who has the head of a tropical fish and a body of a squid, tentacles included.  Carol and I could not wait to try the Spectral spinach balls and they turned out  delicious!!

Fun Party Games For Kids

While Carol and I were in the kitchen, the younger crowd decided to play one of the fun party games for kids that were in our packet from Mommy Parties.  They tried the Gilaflame Saysss game which is similar to Simon Says.  Gilaflame is a 10 foot creature that is an armored reptile that can only hiss (hence the Saysss).  Since Gilaflame is similar to a dragon/snake, the kids tried to come up with commands that related to the two.  Each child got a turn to instruct the other kids to hiss like a snake, pretend to breathe fire, etc.  They had a blast playing this game!  After dinner the kids went outside and played another game called Ra-Vu’s Lightening Tag, which is a cross between hide and seek and tag.  Ra-Vu has electric joints and can throw lightning bolts, so instead of tagging someone we decided to “throw” a lightning bolt and that person was out!  Good way to burn off dinner!!
The kids really enjoyed the show and Carol and I were surprised that we enjoyed it as well.  The main character is Ray who is a 14 year old boy who is recruited by the Duel Masters to learn Kaijudo.  Ray’s friends Allie and Gabe are also recruited to join in the fight against the evil creatures and protecting the good ones.  The show is fast paced and you get pulled into the alternate world of the duel masters and all the cool magical creatures.  Before we knew it, we were all rooting for Ray, Allie and Gabe.  The kids were pretending to be students of the duel masters as well.  They had so much fun they decided to jump off the beds and Hi-Yah each other.  Carol and I quickly became honorary duel masters and told the kids to knock it off!!! Since Carol is a single mom, I offered to let her sweet kids sleepover to give her a night off. I am here to state publicly that a good time was had by all and if Mommy Parties ever needs a group for another cool party, we will gladly volunteer!

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