I am very interested in my genealogy and when recently creating my family tree, I found that many of my relatives lived in Ireland.  Through my research, I came to find out that my maternal grandfather left Ireland and came to America in 1917.  So, when my husband and I were deciding where to take our annual vacation, we decided to explore my roots and travel to Ireland.  I have never planned a trip out of the country, so I wanted to be sure I was covered on every level.  I didn’t want to use a travel agency because I found I could get better deals if I booked the trip myself.  While researching for any specifics on traveling abroad, I discovered it was highly recommended that we purchase travel insurance.  I am glad I looked into this as I assumed my current insurance would cover any issues were may encounter in another country.

Not only did I find out it was a good idea to get travel insurance, but I found there were a ton of places I could purchase it from.  The confusing part of all of this was not being sure of which place would have the best prices and have my best interests in mind.  If I bought the insurance from the airlines or from the travel agent if I had used one, would they get the most out of my buying the insurance from them?  I was pretty sure they were.  A friend of mine told me about the Kanetix Travel App she used when she traveled to Canada recently.  Well, I just love this travel app!  This app allows me to compare travel insurance quotes, check the weather where we are going and even has a checklist to help me make sure I bring everything we need for the trip.  You can use the app on your smart phone or tablet and you can compare quotes in a matter of moments.  I could not believe that for a family of four, there was a huge difference between the quote from Kanetix and the other plans.  For our family to purchase emergency medical travel insurance the quote from Kanetix.ca was $29.00, while the quotes from our bank, our airline and an online travel agent were $56.39, $70.00 and $144.00 respectively.  That is a savings of $115 between Kanetix.ca and the travel agent!  That money would buy my family a very nice meal on our trip!  If you are traveling out of the country and you want to purchase travel insurance (which is highly recommended), there is no question that has the best price for your family.