Karina DressI need to lose weight. This is what I feel like with almost every outfit that I try on these days. Like most women, I gain and lose weight as the moon waxes and wanes. At times, like now, with all of the parties and celebrations, I feel like I have waxed on more than I needed to. This is really unfortunate when I refuse to go and buy “fat clothes”. I would not even think of wearing a dress when I am in this state because I feel know I would think I looked like two pigs stuck in a blanket. Go figure that I was approached to review a dress. Pretty dresses too, the kind I would love to be able to wear and look pretty. The kind that feel silky smooth against your skin and make you want to twirl around because you feel like a woman. I would never wear that dress. It would show all the bumps and lumps that motherhood have awarded me. I figured, fine I will try it – I can always lose weight before I have to be seen in public.

Karina Made in USA

Then I was invited to an event. I needed a dress. I had a dress from Karina Dresses crumpled in the corner where I threw it when it came. Well, it started out on a pile on my dresser and ended up in the corner after a search for something or another I was looking for that the kids had hid. At any rate, I found the dress literally wadded up in the corner in a pile of other wrinkled, but clean clothes I had just not got to yet. I am sure you know what I mean. Sometimes life gets in the way and the piles build up. The first thing that I noticed was that this previously discarded dress was wrinkle free. That was pretty cool. Too bad i knew it wasn’t going to look very good. I could tell by the slinky feel of the material that it was going to cling to all of the wrong places.

I am not a dress wearer. I am resistant to change. I like to feel pretty when I go out to meet the public even in a fat phase. These are basic facts about me. I am also not the type to take the time to tell a dress maker what I think about their product when they can just read about it in my review. Not that I do not believe in a personal touch, but more that I just do not have the time. However, this is what I wrote to Karina Dresses which I think pretty much sums up how I feel.

Your dresses truly are for the average woman who has had a baby, grown older and still wants to look good, fresh and young. I love that. I have really begun to hate shopping for myself for events because I am always so disappointed in my body image. I am not fat. I am not skinny. I am average with the lumps and bumps that sitting around on a computer after having three kids will get you. I am on an exercise program but everyone one know that metabolism drops after 35 and at 39 it is an uphill battle. When I tried on my Karina dress – this is the first time (and I am in a fat phase – I go up and down 10 pounds) that I was like wow – you CAN wear a cute dress and not be embarrassed.  After retrieving the dress from the corner, it had NO WRINKLES – of course you know that – but that is worth its weight in gold. I only dress up when I travel, so being able to crumple a dress in my backpack is a HUGE plus.
Becoming older is hard. Losing your metabolism and witnessing the changes first hand in the mirror on a daily basis is exhausting and can take a toll on your soul. I was pretty when I was younger and I had a cute body. I did not have to exercise to stay in shape. I could eat what I wanted and I was a constant size 8. Now everything is a battle. I am fighting with gravity, time and the constant lure of good food. I want to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. Karina Dresses are made to help a woman like me have a positive self body image no matter what phase of life she is in. It has a tummy flattening effect, and the cut magically fits.
Tea length Karina Dress
The dress I reviewed was the Audrey. Mostly, I can let the pictures speak for themselves. These were all taken 5 seconds after I took the dress out of the bottom of my backpack after being in there for 8 hours under my makeup bag and laptop. Look at the hemline, the double stitching and read the tag. Made in the USA.
Karina dresses are designed for busy, multi-tasking gals as they do the stuff that makes their life truly authentic: family, romance, work, volunteering, travel, pregnancy, spiritual growth, exercise, creative work work, DIY projects…the list is as long as women are diverse, and a versatile karina dress will see you through all of it with style and value.
Karina Hem
Referring to what I said earlier, about not being a dress wearer and being resistant to change; sometimes, change is great and when I find a product that makes me want to change my basic truths about myself – that is a fantastic product. I offered to Karina Dresses to become a product ambassador – me – for free – non-dress wearing me – a dress ambassador. That is change! That is because Karina Dresses made me feel good about myself when 10 minutes previous to trying on the dress I did not. When the 12 other outfits I had tried on previous did not. That is an amazing product. Would you like to see what Karina Dresses can do for you? One I would like to stand behind. Do you want to be a #frockstar You can use code makobiscribe30 for $30 off your purchase at Karina Dresses.