Lunch With Karina

Way back in August, during the crazy time of BlogHer 12. I was fortunate enough to meet the real person behind Karina Dresses. Karina! (and Garnett too) We went to this cool little place near the studio to eat. They had a garden on the roof! How cool is that?! Karina is a wonderful person who is so genuine and down to earth. You can tell that she really cares about her work with a passion to make women feel comfy in their own skin. She was considerate and even made sure I had the right directions so I would not get lost on my subway trip back to the hotel.

We talked about life, the Olympics and our past. Good conversation and good food. I know that every time I go through New York, I will have to stop and have a sit down with the Karina Crew.


karina studio

Before we went to lunch, Garnett & Karina gave me a tour of the design studio. It was really neat to see that all of the dresses were designed and made right there in Brooklyn. There were rows and rows of dresses. I cannot believe that these were all sewn by the seamstresses right in the next room. There were mounds of cloth heaped in a huge pile with two desks and happy workers who greeted me with smiles. Every that I met was very nice and welcoming. It felt like family.


SaveThe best part of the trip though was being able to play dress up. I got to try on all the different dresses and then pose for Karina using the various props (actual working items – not really props) I am pictured above in the Adele, Josie and the Gala. I love my Karina Dress line and I am hooked for life! I have even noticed as I lose and gain weight (like most females do) the dresses have a little give either way so I still look good and don’t have to spend money on a ton of different dresses for the “seasons” of my life. If you join in the Love Club, you get a discount on all your dresses and you get a free one too! That is a great deal – check out this post for more info: The Karina Dress Love Club You can also read my posts on the DaisyPenelope, and Audrey (print) and hot pink. Stay tuned for reviews on all of the dresses above and more! Ready to shop for yourself? You can use the code: MAKOBISCRIBE30 for $30 off any regularly priced dress.




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