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Katazoon Wall Decal Giveaway

Decorating with wall decals from Katazoom can be so much fun. Katazoom sent me the Love, Hope, Faith vinyl wall design to review. I was really thrilled about reviewing this product. Before choosing to review this particular design, I navigated through the Katazoom website, looking at all the creative vinyl graphics they have to offer. They have a great selection of not only word art such as the inspirational quote I received, but also a neat display of unique wall art. One of the product categories that I thought was really neat was the wedding graphics. The wedding graphics allow you to personalize the bride and grooms name for the dance floor, back of the car, or even for a wall at the reception. I suggest checking this out if you are a bride-to-be or this is even a great pre-wedding gift.

The Love, Hope, Faith vinyl graphic I received came in a cylinder shaped package, ensuring this product would not get wrinkled. As I pulled the vinyl graphic out I was very happy with what I saw but nervous of how I was going to get this on my wall (don’t worry I’ll come back to this subject). I walked around my house examining all the possible places until I reached my dining room. I thought it would be best over my sliding doors. That way it would be one of the first things I read each morning. Note: my morning does not start until my kids are in their high chairs and I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee at the dining room table. What better way to start a morning then with a inspirational quote. I got out my ladder and pulled out the instructions. The instructions were great!! They were written well and gave suggestions on tools I may need. Putting up this vinyl graphic was not hard like I had anticipated it to be. My beautiful inspirational quote measures 48” x 6” and is the color brown. If you choose to buy this same Love, Hope, Faith vinyl graphic for $17.99 through the Katazom website, you may choose for a wide variety of colors, making it extra personal.


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