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Keep Beverages Cold From Bella Vita Bags Sweepstakes

Keep Beverages Cold

If you are outdoors a lot, you may have looked for ways to keep beverages cold.  With the high temperatures this summer, it has proven almost impossible to keep drinks cold for more than a few minutes.  I hate going to the lake or the park, carrying a heavy cooler laden with ice that will melt quickly.  You end up drinking tepid drinks that are just too warm to be refreshing.  I have looked for a better way to solve this problem but have so far come up empty.  I knew there had to be a solution, but I was going to need to dig deep into the search engines of the internet to find it!

Bella Vita Bags is a company that offers some creative products for your home.  Bella Vita Bags has a line of gift packaging for wine, champagne, gourmet foods, olive oils and vinegars for the wholesale market.  Along with that impressive collection, you can also find one of the cleverest products you have ever seen.  Bella Vita Bags has designed a line of freezable bags that will keep your drinks cool, even in the hottest temperatures.  With 3 sizes to choose from, you are sure to find a bag that is perfect for your needs.  The Chill It ™ bags are filled with a clear liquid on all four sides that freezes to keep your wine and 6 packs of your favorite drink cool for hours!  The Chili It ™ bags are 25% larger than other bags on the market.

Portable Drink Cooler

The Chill It ™ bags are a unique portable drink cooler with thick and sturdy plastic handles to carry your favorite beverages wherever you are going.  I was given the 3 sizes from Bella Vita Bags, so I could show you the versatile line of products they offer.  I received the following bags (from left to right in photo #1):

  • Chill It ™ 2 in the orange and red wave pattern ($8.49) holds 2 bottles and the middle divider protects the bottles from hitting each other and keeps both bottles cold.
  • Wave 6 Chill It ™bag in blue and green ($7.95), holds 6 bottled and like the Chill It ™ 2, has a divider that keeps all 6 bottles cold on all four sides.
  • Pop 1 Chill It ™ bag in fire ($3.99) is perfect for your taller and sleeker bottles.  The slender design and the same sturdy handles are great for taking a bottle of wine or other beverage to an outdoor concert or picnic.

Let me tell you how cool these bags are!!  You pop them in the freezer and when you need them, all you do is run warm water over them for a few seconds and you are ready to go.  The reason you run the water on them is to change the brittle frozen plastic to a pliable plastic.  If you don’t do this, and I speak from experience, you will break off your handles!!  We used the Wave 6 bag for a trip to the park and filled it with bottles water.  The drinks stayed cold for the 2 hours we were out and when we got home, I rinsed them out and put them back in the freezer.  These bags are so clever and I predict that as word spreads, they are going to be flying out of their manufacturing facility!!

One reader will win 2 Chill It 1 bags ($3.99 each)   in their choice of color: blue, green, clear, violet or pink

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