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Keep Kids Hydrated With Fresh Fruit Ice Pops

When the summer months come, the heat in the south tends to get the better of us. It is so easy to get dehydrated, which can be deadly if you are very young or elderly. When the kids are outside playing, even if they are in the pool, I make sure they are getting hydrated. One of my problems with making sure the kids get enough fluids is they start to protest after a few refills of their water bottles. I need to get creative with them so they are getting enough to drink. One of the easiest ways to get some fluids in them is to make fresh fruit pops. We love to use our favorite fruits with their matching flavored Hint Water.

Hint Water is my newest obsession and I cannot get enough of it! I love to drink water, but I do get tired of plain bottled water. With Hint Water, I get a completely natural splash of natural fruit flavor without the added calories. I stopped drinking diet soda about 2 months ago and I have really missed my “fizzies”. With the sparkling bubbly Hint Water, I get my fizzy feel without those yucky artificial sweeteners. The Hint Water comes in so many flavors, you cannot possibly get bored, which I have proven in my own home! I received a case of a variety of Hint Water and myself and the kids have fallen head over heels in love with it. If you want a great way to keep kids hydrated, Hint Water is absolutely the healthy and flavorful way to go!

My favorites are the Blood Orange and the Mango Grapefruit, while Caitlin loves the Strawberry Kiwi and Henry likes the Watermelon. The 24 bottles we received lasted about 4 days, which I believe is a record for us! I got not one complaint from the kids when I was serving the Hint Water, other than the fact that we ran out! Before we drank all of the Hint Water we had, I grabbed two bottles of the Blackberry and made my favorite cold treats.

We made fresh fruit ice pops by just adding the Hint Water and our favorite fresh fruit. These are so refreshing and the kids absolutely love them, so I know they are getting the crucial fluids they need to stay hydrated. You can purchase the Hint Water by the case of 12, 16 ounce bottles for just $18 from their website. Be sure to follow Hint Water on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. One USA reader will win a case of Hint Water ARV $18.

What is your favorite way to stay hydrated?


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