Keep Up with the Tech Revolution
What an iPhone can do today couldn’t be done by most computers ten years ago, and the computing power we now all have in our pockets and front rooms is growing faster than a lot of us can keep up with! It’s no surprise it you feel like you’re being left behind by the tech revolution, because things do just keep growing, and the tech industry is well aware of the potential for its development.

So if you’re feeling just a little caught out by new tech, here are five essential tips for keeping up with the tech revolution

Buy to use, not to just have

Rule number one is that life comes first. Technology should be there to facilitate improvements in your living, your life shouldn’t be dictated by the tech that’s around you. Here it’s important to differentiate the demands of your life from the target market. Tech companies know how to make us want products, but make sure you’re always focused on what will save you time, be fun to use or will make you happier. Anything else isn’t worth it!

Less is more (when it comes to apps)

Apps are essentially disposable when it comes to modern tech, and with so many free apps for so many platforms, most of our phones are clogged up with all kinds of things we’ll never use. Actually, having a few good apps rather than lots of useless ones can help you get to know them better and integrate them into your lifestyle. So, next time you think about hitting ‘install’, be sure you really need this app in your life!

Integrate your tech

Maybe you’re a PC geek or an Apple addict? Perhaps you like a bit of both or you just go for a deal when you see it? Whatever tech you have, most of us nowadays have trouble moving from work computers to home, and from our phones to laptops and so on. Sit down and spend a couple of hours on a rainy day getting everything talking to each other properly. It’s easier within a brand, but it’s perfectly possible to get your Windows phone in synch with your iPad and it will help you streamline your technology.

Secure your assets

Computer security used to be about making sure nobody knows your password. Now, firewalls, virus protection and filters are pretty much essential. If you run a lot of technology, a company like Fluidata could offer a tailored security package. Viruses and hackers can make your technology feel slow and lose functionality, making you feel left behind. Protect it and keep it fresh, especially if you have kids around!

The possibilities are endless
The tech industry’s growth means that you’ll probably never get to grips with the potential behind your laptop or phone. Keeping up with the technology world means accepting that there are always things to learn! Likewise, you don’t need to use every shortcut and know every tiny time-saving app to be using your phone well. It’s more tech-savvy to buy something because it works for you and because you like it than to be sucked into buying goodies you don’t need.

Technology will keep growing, so start by getting on top of what you have! Once you’re there, you’ll know its limitations, and that’s the key to really finding out what you need and what you don’t.