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Keep Your Baby Safe In Summer From Cool Wazoo Review

Keep Your Baby Safe In Summer

There are many ways you need to keep your baby safe in the summer.  I say summer only because it is here and there are additional preventative measures we need to take with our babies.  As your children grow, their bodies are able to regulate their temperatures but a baby cannot.  You must protect you infant from the high summer temperatures or they can absolutely end up in the hospital.  The other areas we need to protect our babies from are germs and bacteria, which can also put a baby into the hospital.  A baby has not yet been exposed to the bacteria that older children are so therefore they are more susceptible to illness than the older children.

There is a company that I have learned about that has taken several dangers out of the equation when caring for a baby.  Cool Wazoo has a mom at the helm who through her experience as a new mommy found several holes in the products made for little ones.  The issue started on a summer day when Ginelle Mills took her new baby to the park to swing in the infant swing.  Ginelle put her infant into the swing and as the baby shrieked in pain, Ginelle quickly took the baby out.  After the birth of two additional children, Ginelle measured the temperature of that baby swing and in 80 degree weather, the swing was 150 degrees!  Ginelle thought that was unacceptable and she proceeded to create the Cool Wazoo, which is actually 5 products in 1.  The Cool Wazoo fits into a baby swing, a high chair, a shopping cart, a car seat cover and a diaper changing station.  With one product, Ginelle was able to conquer the hot temperatures but protection from germs and bacteria your baby is exposed to when they are placed into items that are used by tons of other babies.

Protect Your Baby From Germs

Not only do you need to protect your baby from high temperatures, you also need to protect your baby from germs.  If we were to come into contact with germs or bacteria, we most likely will get a stuffy nose, a cold or any number of harmless illnesses.  For babies, they absolutely cannot be exposed to the same bacteria and get away with just a small illness.  The Rotavirus is a very common virus that can be deadly to your baby.  The Rotavirus is typically transferred from one surface like a shopping cart or public high chair.  Henry had the Rotavirus when he was a baby and he was in the hospital for 5 days and he was lucky to make it out alive.  The Cool Wazoo ($64.95) is brightly colored and you have 4 gorgeous designs to choose from, it has a water resistant surface that can be easily wiped off and it folds down to a size small enough to fit into your purse.  I cannot believe how easy the Cool Wazoo goes from one function to another.  The Cool Wazoo is well made, the stitching is nice and sturdy, the versatile design is just perfect for a busy mom and you can pop it into the wash with your other clothing.  The Cool Wazoo is a must have product for babies.

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