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Keep Your Baby Warm From JJ Cole Sweepstakes

Keep Your Baby Warm

Depending on where you live, you may be looking for ways to keep your baby warm.  As I am in the south, we don’t worry much about cold weather until November at the earliest.  As a matter of fact, I have worn short sleeves on more than one Christmas.  When we lived in Ohio, it was a completely different story.  We were pulling out the winter coats before Halloween.  I remember when I was a kid; we would get so annoyed when my mom made us wear a coat when we were out trick or treating.  Why have a cool costume if you are going to cover it up!  When you have a baby, they don’t regulate temperatures like we do, so you need to bundle them when it is getting between cool and chilly.  I would get so irritated when I would have blankets, snow suits and other warm things to keep the baby warm.  It was a huge pain to keep up with.

JJ Cole is a company that is committed to bring fashion into the world of parents and babies.  This youthful group has one of the most positive attitudes, which speaks volumes about the company.  If you love what you do and where you do it, which is reflected in the work you produce.  That is easy to see when you look at the incredibly fashionable items that make parents clamoring to take their baby out to show of the trendy items from JJ Cole!  One of the things I love about this company is that some of the staff is working at JJ Cole because they loved the products so much!  Another team member is able to take her creativity and blend that with her experience as a mom and when put together, you get a great product you want your baby to have!  To learn more about JJ Cole, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Trendy Accessories For Babies

If you want to find trendy accessories for babies, you can’t find any better than those from JJ Cole.  This company has some of the most innovative products you can find.  When I was approached to review the popular Bundleme, I was all for it.  This is such a unique item that is a must have for your baby or toddler.  The Bundleme is like a soft and warm papoose for your little one.  You can use it in the car seat, stroller or jogger and it has a removable top and is machine washable (which is so awesome!!).  I was fortunate to be given 3 different Bundleme, which included the Original Bundleme ($42.95) which has a faux shearling inside and the soft Thermaplush™ outside.  This will keep your baby nice and warm during the coming winter months.  I also received the Artic Bundleme ($89.95) which is perfect for those who live where it gets very cold in the winter.  This is meant to protect your baby from extreme cold, wind, snow, etc.  With the water resistant outer material, the baby won’t get wet from the snow like they would with just a blanket or snow suit.  The last item I received was the Urban Bundleme ($49.95).  With the pretty quilted outer layer, your baby is protected from wind and rain and the inside is the soft and warm Thermaplush™.  I was very impressed with the construction of the Bundleme as well as the unique design.  I also love that you can remove the top so that you can avoid the baby getting too warm when you take them inside.  I think that feature is really genius.  When my oldest daughter was a baby, we had a bulky snowsuit and when you would go inside to get away from the frigid temperatures, the baby would roast unless you spent 10 minutes prying them out of the suit and then turning around and putting it back on when you went back outside.  That was a HUGE pain in the neck.  This is one of the coolest products I have seen for a baby and I am suggesting it to all my friends.

THREE readers will win their choice of the Urban Bundleme ($49.95), the Artic Bundleme ($89.95) or the Original Bundleme ($42.95)

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