Keep Your iPhone Charged On The Go
My youngest daughter started high school this year and I cannot believe the time has flown by so quickly! Is this the silly little bug that wore those crooked pigtails in her Kindergarten pictures? I could swear that was just a few years ago! If you have now or have had a teenager in school, you know how social they are and how active they can be. Caitlin has already signed up for orchestra, the tennis and swim teams and the computer technology club. She is at school before the first class begins and is there several days a week after school has let out for the day. We felt it was necessary for her to have her own cell phone and gave it to her before school began. The one thing I do not want to have happen is have Caitlin stuck at school with a cell phone that is dead and she cannot call us. That is a fear I do not want to see come true. In order to prevent that, I wanted to find a device that would keep your iPhone charged on the go. I thought the products from iGO were exactly what Caitlin needed for her new phone.

Keep Your iPhone Charged On The Go

Caitlin is not exactly a girly girl, so she carries a purse begrudgingly! I finally found her a small backpack that she calls her purse, but it only carries the bare essentials she needs. I knew if I was going to find her something that would keep your iPhone charged on the go, it better be something pretty small. When I saw the iGo Power Trip with it sleek design and petite size, I knew it was exactly what Caitlin needed. In addition to charging her iPhone, the iGo Power Strip can charge just about any smartphone or mobile device and MP3 player.

iGO is an industry leader in innovative and high quality power solutions. The portable, compact and smart looking iGO Power Trip 3000 is a slim and stylish portable backup battery that will provide a strong charge for your smartphone, MP3 player, GoPro, and other compatible mobile devices. You will receive at least one full charge for your device before you need to recharge your iGo Power Trip. The cable holder will keep your USB to Micro USB cable stashed away for you. It is small enough to slip in your purse, your pocket, or even your wristlet. You can purchase the iGO Power Trip for $49.99 from the iGO website.


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