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Keep Your Jewelry Organized With A Cute Jewelry Hanger

My daughter will be turning 15 soon and she is every bit the typical teenager! If you are feeling nostalgic for your youth, just re-live it through your kids! I remember myself at Caitlin’s age getting excited about wearing makeup and jewelry. We have been allowing her privileged slowly and wearing jewelry is one of them. I remember how careless I could be at that age and I would lose stuff all the time. Because she takes after me, we haven’t let her buy a lot of jewelry in the event she loses it. I thought the best way to help her keep up with her accessories was to find her something to store them.  Untangle My Chains is a company started by 3 good friends who had a dream of becoming small business owners. The product they designed is a super cute jewelry hanger which they named The Roxee Jewelry Hanger.

Cute Jewelry Hanger

Caitlin does not have a lot of surface space for a jewelry box or a small jewelry armoire. With that in mind, the only option was to find something that hung on the wall. I also wanted something that would be sturdy enough to hold a lot of jewelry so she could add to her collection. I was sent the Roxsee and it is just adorable and it fits right in with Caitlin’s color scheme. The Roxsee is such a cute jewelry hanger that is shaped like a women’s dress form.  It comes in either pink or black and is made of very sturdy plastic. I was also sent a cute chunky and funky necklace and matching earrings. I wanted Caitlin to have something cute to add to her collection and this was perfect.

The idea for the Roxsee came one day while Lauren Linscott was watching an episode on Oprah. The show featured the creator of Spanx, who inspired Lauren to start her own business. She told her dream to her two friends, Andrea Donahue and Lisa Fitch and they were on board with the idea of becoming entrepreneurs. The 3 brainstormed, came up with several prototypes until they finally hit pay dirt with their current design. You can purchase the Roxsee from the Untangle My Chains online storefront for $15.99 and the necklace for $18.75.

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