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Remember when I was telling you about the Iced Oatmeal Clif Zbars? My kids love them.  CLIF Bar & Company has been making energy bars since 1992, and they were created with the goal to make a better tasting (and better for you) energy bar than those already on the market.  CLIF’s creator, Gary Erickson, spent two years developing a bar that was better than the others out there because he wanted to get it right, and he finally did.  CLIF Bars are made with primarily organic ingredients, so they’re better for the environment, and better for us!

Now CLIF is introducing their new CLIF Kid Zbars, which are made just for kids, just to make snack time easier for parents.  They use no high fructose corn syrups, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, preservatives, or artificial colors or flavors.  They’re 95% organic, made with 8-11gof whole grains, and contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals.  All of this in one little bar!

We were able to try the Crispy Cookies ‘n Cream variety, and loved it!  It combines chocolaty crisps with white chocolate chips and tastes exactly like the old favorite we all know and love!  My kids loved it because it tasted more like a dessert, and I love it because it’s good for them.  The one bar has only 110 calories, as much iron as 2.5 cups of spinach, and as much zinc as 2 cups of peas!  I could never get my kids to eat a full 2 cups of peas, but 1 CLIF Bar is easy to get them to eat!

What I think is the coolest is CLIF Kid’s new Nutrition Label Conversion Tool.  Most of us adults are used to checking nutrition labels on the food we eat, but what we may not realize is that these labels are written based on a typical adult diet.  What do we do if we want to find out percentages for a typical child’s daily diet?  Instead of doing a bunch of math, check out CLIF Kid’s Nutrition Label Conversion Tool.  You just choose your child’s age and then choose the nutrient you want to convert and enter the grams from the nutrition label on the package.  The tool quickly converts the percentage into what’s appropriate for a child’s diet.  There’s quite a difference, and this is something most of us parents probably haven’t thought about before!  It’s a go-to tool that I’m going to be using on a regular basis, because it couldn’t be easier to use and gives me the information I need to make sure my kids are getting all of their daily nutrients!

Put your preconceived notions about energy bars aside and give CLIF Bars a try.  You’ll notice the taste difference immediately, and you’ll feel good about feeding them to your family because they really are good for us and the environment!

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