One Touch

I love spring because of the amazing transformation you see all around you. My kids and I were outside a few weeks ago and were musing over how incredible the changes are. We have a lot of trees in our yard and we said it seemed like one day they were bare and the next day they were green! The daffodils were poking out by late February and the trees were full and green just a few weeks later. My husband on the other hand is not crazy about spring because that means it is time to take care of the lawn. In order to keep your lawn looking good, here are the top five ways from the experts:

  • Fertilize with a Weed and Feed: Weed and feed fertilizers are a winning combination for your lawn. The weed killer will help prevent weeds from taking over and the fertilizer gives your grass what it needs to stay green and healthy.
  •  Weeding: Although weed killers are very helpful, you probably still need to get on your hands and knees and pull some weeds out by the root.
  • Mowing your lawn:  Of course you need to mow your lawn but be sure not to mow it too short. Experts say your lawn should be 3.5 inches or taller.
  • Watering your lawn: Most lawns need to be watered every other day. If you are watering more than 3 or 4 times a week, you may do more harm than good.
  • Trimming: If you have growths of thicker weeds, planets, kudzu and other pesky greenery, you should trim them. For most you can use a weed eater. For those that cannot be cut with a weed eater, get a pair of nice pruners. I prefer to buy my lawn care products like my hoses and pruners from Dramm because they are a leader in the industry.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Good

Keep Your Lawn Looking Good

When my husband is getting prepared to tackle the lawn and the yard, he has a ritual each year. He makes sure the mower is tuned, has fresh oil and plenty of gas. He checks his stick of seeds and weed and insect killer and makes a trip to the hardware store to replenish his stock. He also checks all of last years equipment to make sure it is all in good working order. During this year’s check is when we found out that the sprayer on the hose was cracked and he could no longer use it. He also could not find our small pruners anywhere, so that was another item that has to be replaced. Thank goodness for my buddy Jessica at Dramm because I know their products are made to last and will keep your lawn looking good.

We LOVE the products from Dramm and so do a lot of other residential and commercial customers. Dramm has one of the best track records in the industry for their extremely well made products and their top notch customer service. John Dramm, a florist, started the company back in 1940 when he invented the very popular “400 Water Breaker”. Since then, several products have been added to the Dramm line and millions of customers wear by them, including me. We received the One Touch Shower and Stream for the hose. Its easy one touch system allows you control at the touch of a button. I love the wide and stead spray you get from the One Touch. The other product that I truly love is the Compact Shear which we use a lot. You can use it to trim your flowers, greenery, bushes and you can use it inside as well. With its ergonomic hand grip, you get a lot of comfort, which is great for my arthritis I have in my right hand. The blades are made of a corrosion resistant stainless steel so they are strong and will not rust on you. Whatever tools you need for your lawn, be sure to check and see what Dramm has to offer before you go anywhere else. You can purchase the One Touch from Amazon for $16.99 and the Compact Shears for $17.99 along with the other Dramm products;