Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree..how you can be so beautiful and yet so dangerous at the same time! This one central focus of many a living room during the holidays is where the gifts are nestled under, bright lights sparkle and glow and treasured ornaments hang. It can also be a very dangerous item in your home if you have a pet. Because many of us are so focused on meal planning, preparing and cooking, shopping and other holiday activities, it is easy to forget about how our pets are effected during this time of year. This is a time that your pets can be in danger if you do not follow a few pet safety rules. Here are the top 4 to keep your furry baby safe and happy this holiday season:

4 Ways To Make Sure Your Pet Is Safe This Holiday Season

4 Ways To Make Sure Your Pet Is Safe This Holiday Season

  1. Christmas Tree: I have 2 cats and they are obsessed with our Christmas tree. They bat at the ornaments and try to climb up the the tree every chance they get. A fallen tree can injury your furry baby, so anchoring it to the wall is a great idea. Tinsel is a shiny pretty dangerous Christmas tree decoration for your pets. If your pet gets a hold of it and swallows it, they can choke or have an abdominal obstruction. It is better to leave it off then to tempt your kitty or puppy.
  2. Holly and Mistletoe: These are more no no’s when it comes to your pets. Mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal upset and cardiovascular problems and holly can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  3. Holiday Food: Many of the foods we prepare during the holidays tend to be full of calories and fat. It is okay for humans to indulge for a few meals every year but not your pets. Many of the foods we make for ourselves can make your pet very sick. Resist the temptation of feeding your pet a sample of your holiday baking and give them a pet friendly treat instead.
  4. Their Own Space: Pets can get nervous and scared with all the holiday guests coming in and out of your house. Provide your pet with a place they can go to be alone and feel safe. In our home, Hazel and Meep love their Flounder from Pet Threads for a safe and adorable hidey hole!

pet threads

My cats are pretty typical in their behavior. They come to you when they want affection and are aloof most of the other part of the day. Hazel lays with me when I am working or next to my husband when he is home. She is not very afraid of guests at the house. She will give them the once over, hiss at them and be on her way. Meep on the other hand is skittish and very timid. She does not like new people and goes for her hiding place whenever we have friends over. I knew she would love the Flounder pet bed from Pet Threads, but to my surprise, it was Hazel who was most interested in it! I love the colorful and innovative design for this creative place for the cats to relax or hide out. The bed is soft for your pet, but the shell is firm to keep its shape and comes in a variety of different fabric choices.

It is perfect for the smaller pets like cats, small dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs or rabbits. Because it is made from fleece and foam, it is super comfortable. The Flounder measures an impressive 28″ long, 18″ wide and 18″ high, so even Fat Hazel can fit her wide berth into the Flounder for some rest and relaxation. I love that the liner can be pulled out for spot cleaning, a lint brush can give it a good once over or you can even throw it into the washing machine. The Pet Threads company is a small family business located in Des Plaines, Illinois who works with many local animal rescue groups and help to raise money for local animal shelters. Be sure to follow Pet Threads on Twitter and Pinterest. One USA reader will win one Flounder Pet Bed from Pet Threads ARV $50.

Do you have any tips for keeping pets safe during the holidays you would like to share?