Keeping Tabs On Your Kids Phone Usage

I have a child who started high school this year and we decided to get her a cell phone. She is very active in school clubs and activities and she stays after school 3-4 days a week. When she was in middle school, she was attending an internship at the local science museum every Saturday for 6 weeks. We drove her to and from school and she was then transported by the bus to the museum and taken back to school at the end of the session. Twice she was dropped off at the school early and was left there alone for more than 20 minutes before we arrived at the designated time. Because she had no cell phone, she was unable to call and tell us to come and pick her up early. This scared all of us half to death and that cemented our decision on getting her the cell phone. The issue we are now seeing is how much she is on the phone, although we intended it to be used for just contacting us when necessary. With the new Family Base Service Plan from Verizon Wireless, we can keep on top of her phone usage and the apps she is using. This is a great service to give parents peace of mind and in the loop of what their kids are doing on their phones.

Keeping Tabs On Your Kids Phone Usage

Teenagers are a funny breed and they certainly have some peculiar habits! With Caitlin, when she gets home from school, she drops her backpack by the door, grabs a snack and a bottle of water and heads to her room. She is pretty good about getting her homework done, so we ask her if she has any for the day and if she says yes, she gets right on it. After we have checked to be sure she is done, she usually goes back to her room for the rest of the night. I will periodically go in and check on her and almost every time, she has her phone in her hand. I was curious to see what she was doing on it and she said texting, checking Facebook and reading books she and her friends create with an app they found. I realized I was one of those parents that needed to find a way of keeping tabs on your kids phone usage. Family Base from Verizon Wireless you can know how much data your kids are using on your family’s wireless plan. Now you can see the number of minutes and messages your kids are using, who they are calling and texting and what apps they are using and for how long. You can set limits on how much data they use as well as limits on the time of day. For instance, you can set a limit of no texting or calling after 9 pm or during school hours.

The service works on most smartphones and is fully functional with Android based models. Limits can be set for data usage as well as time of day limits (i.e., no texting while in class or in bed at night) Emergency calls can still break through the blocks. It works on most smartphones, but the full functionality is available with Androids. The app will show you the number of calls and texts, both in and outgoing, what apps are being used and the length of time they are used. If you see an app with an unusually long play time, you can set limits on that as well. Parents also have the ability to lock the phone down remotely but emergency calls can still come through. This will stop all calls, texts and access to apps until you lift the block and allow your child access. With all of these features and at just $5 per month, per phone, you can have peace of mind that is affordable and easy to use. To see all of the features and how to use the Family Base, you can view the video from Verizon Wireless.


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