Keeping The Germs Away

Keeping kids “germ free” when they go back to school is quite the challenge.  They spend all summer long without the cold or flu and then they go back to a classroom setting and it just seems the germs are waiting there for their next victim.  This is why I like to have a plan of attack for keeping the germs away when the kids head off back to school.

Below are some things that I implement in our house to help the kids stay healthy throughout the school season:

  1. The first thing I always have the kids do is wash their hands when they come get home from school.  After just getting off the bus, and being at school they are exposed to a lot of germs that I do not want ending up in out house.
  2. All the kids are taught to cover their sneeze and cough with the crook of their elbow.
  3. Whenever the kids blow their nose they wash their hands with soap and water or, if they are not home, they use their Purell Personal Pump Bottle.  You can also get Gel Wrap Carriers by Purell, I like to attach these to their backpacks.
  4. I encourage our children to get lots of playtime outdoors, weather permitting.  We have very cold winters here so while the weather is nice I want them to take advantage of the fresh air.
  5. Starting off the day with a healthy breakfast is a must, as well as taking a multivitamin.
  6. I always pack fruit and vegetables in their school lunch.  That way they have a health fruit for their school snack break and a vegetable in their lunch for lunchtime.  Sugar Snap Peas are a great snack to include in their lunch!
  7.  I stress to my children that they are not to share their snacks, lunch or drinks with their friends.
  8. Ensuring the children get plenty of sleep is imperative to not only keeping them healthy, but making sure they have a productive day at school.
  9. If any one of the children do get a cold or flu, I do have the Purell 8 oz bottles on-hand and place them in a couple of rooms.  This way my sick child and I can easily give a quick squirt on our hands to prevent further spread of germs.

Keeping Kids Healthy

Keeping kids healthy is one of my duties as a parent.  Although sometimes it is easier said then done.  I can make sure rules are followed when they are home, but I’m not always sure those same rules are followed when they are at school.  How do you keep your kids healthy and germ free throughout the school year?

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