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Keeping Your Computer Protected

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Keeping Your Computer Protected

If you are looking for an effective way for keeping your computer protected, there is a new antivirus software that is creating a lot of Buzz.  From GFI Software, Vipre antivirus software, is an innovative product in that it not just an antivirus software but an antispyware software as well.  Where their competitors can offer you good results on one or the other, VIPRE can do both and do it efficiently so that you won’t have your computer acting sluggish.  The VIPRE software can prevent infections, repair infected files and is very easy to use.  From the first scan, VIPRE will find any malware that was already on your computer and remove them.  Once VIPRE has cleared your computer of any old threats, the scans moving forward will be quick, and thorough, not only scanning your files, but any hardware you install, software of programs you download or install and it will also scan your ports.  When you add up all of the features VIPRE has a very complete program that will keep your computer protected while keeping it running at its maximum potential.

When you download the VIPRE software it is very easy to do and it takes hardly any time at all.  As they suggest, I deleted any other programs I had that may interfere with the VIPRE software.  The initial scan seemed to be done in no time and it found a few threats I had that apparently my other software didn’t find.  That was very shocking to me.  I was under the impression that all antivirus and antimalware programs were the same, but I know now they are far from it. I felt somewhat violated when I saw my other software had left me unprotected.  It made me questions what would have happened if I had not installed VIPRE on my computer.   I didn’t realize how many new threats show up on the internet, but they range in the 6 figures.  VIPRE keeps up with every single new threat and stops it in its tracks before it ever gets to your files.  If you have any questions about the VIPRE software, they have free support t is available to help you.  IF you visit the VIPRE website, you can download a free trial so you can see for yourself how easily the software installs as well as the scope of all it can do for your computer.

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