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Keeping Your Toys Charged This Summer With Rayovac Rechargeables

So, I’m officially convinced that technology is taking over our lives.  I go through so many batteries in my household that I can barely afford it or keep up.  It seems that as soon as I buy a large pack of batteries, every remote, mouse, toy, radio, or any other electronic in my house all goes out at the same time and I’m suddenly out of batteries and making a run to the store again.  Now, with the kids home all summer long we will be going through even more batteries! Fortunately, I no longer have that problem.  My new favorite product is the Rayovac Platinum Universal Battery Charger and Platinum Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries.  This awesome battery charger is small in size and plugs directly into your wall outlet, without taking up any counter or table space.  It works with almost any size battery you typically need around the house, including AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V.  I’ve used other battery chargers before, and I had to buy different chargers for different size batteries, so I was left spending more money and keeping track of several different chargers, which was a pain.  Plus, it’s reasonably priced at just $19.72 on Amazon.  Think about how many batteries you would be able to buy with just $19.72.  Not many when you consider that with the charger, you can use the same batteries over and over!

Now, the batteries that go with the charger are just as cool, and just as reasonably priced.  These come pre-charged which is a big plus.  The Platinum Rechargeable batteries last up to 3 times longer than most rechargeable batteries and can be recharged up to 300 times!  They’re available in the same sizes that the charger accommodates, so you can literally start using rechargeable batteries for almost every electronic in your house!  And at just $5.59 per pack on Amazon, the price is comparable to non-rechargeable batteries.  I have to admit, I’ve used rechargeable batteries in the past, and wasn’t happy with their performance.  They seemed to not hold their charge very long and took a long time to recharge.  Rayovac brand didn’t let me down!  They were much better than regular batteries or other rechargeable batteries I’ve used in the past.

Go around your house and start doing the math on how many batteries you actually use, and then how often you usually have to replace them.  You’ll find out quickly that replacing your regular batteries with Rayovac Platinum Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries will save you a bundle!

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