Keurig Sweepstakes

The above June Giveaway was such a success, I am bringing it back around for the remainder of August. The Grand Prize is a B4o Elite Keurig Machine & there are also 2 secret Keurig related prizes for referrals. Open to US & Canada!



  1. i would love to win this kuerig,i dont have one and i love coffee,cant do anything without that first cup of coffee

  2. I’d love one of these for me, but if I win, I’d give it to my 90 year old Mom. She has trouble making a pot of coffee nowdays, and to make coffee one at a time would be great!

  3. I would love to wn one of these…a regular size coffee pot is just too big when you only want one cup of coffee!

  4. I would keep it and invited my friends over to share it with me. I drink coffee 24/7 mostly decaf to reduce my caffiene intake!

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