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As a family man that works from home and travels frequently, I understand how hard it can be to find balance between work and play. Now I’m not just talking about your own go out with the guys playtime, I’m talking about playtime with my girl and my wife. Whether it is at home in the yard or out on the beach, I always have to find time to set aside to get some work done, as I don’t work normal hours and my daughter tries to take up as much of my time as possible, which I love and encourage. I follow a few key principles that help me stay focused and keep me on the path to finding balance between work and play. Take a look and adapt to your own style for best results.

Play time

Focus Achieves Balance Grasshopper

Discipline is the single most important factor in achieving the balance necessary to be a work from home dad. I’m not saying that you have to sit at your desk or computer for 8-10 hours straight but if can’t slice out pieces of time throughout the day to get your work done, you will find yourself out of sorts, off balance and behind on your work. None these things are your allies in success.

When you have kids it’s easy to get it done during the school year. Come summertime and holidays it’s a completely different game. My wife is a school teacher, so when the kids are out the wife is out and my time becomes infinitely less mine. That’s when you have to get creative with time management if you work from home. I often find myself working very early in the morning or even to the late hours of the night. Which I really don’t mind because it’s quite the air is cool, as I like to work outside by the pool in the mornings.

Having the right tools to assist you in your quest for employment independence is crucial to being successful. My Intel 2in1 has everything I need to go mobile when working at home is not an option. The built in wi-fi opens up a world of opportunities. you really can just work about anywhere these days. Fully loaded with Windows 8, I have all the tools I need to keep myself on time and in order. If  I happen to with my daughter and we need some distraction, we’ll play games or just find some place to watch a movie. the flexibility of the Intel 2 in 1 gives you the ability to free up your hands and stand on its’ own without carrying anything extra. Bottom Line. My Intel 2 in 1 helps me get it done and keeps my daughter entertained when I can’t.

How do you balance your chaos?