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Kid Switch Review and Giveaway

KidSwitch sent me their light switch extension to review and would like to giveaway one to one lucky reader. The KidSwith is a neat invention that helps children turn lights on and off by using a plastic glow in the dark extender. They have been #1 Child Safety Product 4 years in a row now. This tool is perfect for my little Ava. Both of my children are very short so this will be a tool we will have around for a long time!  When Ava goes to the bathroom she has a lot of steps she has to follow. First she has to move the stool to the light switch, move the stool to the toilet, move the stool to the stink, then move the stool back to the light switch. This tool just eliminated two steps for her!! I also love the fact that is it glow in the dark. Not only is this great for night time but our bathroom on our main floor does not have a window so its always dark. This is perfect so if she is really in a hurry, its easy to find.

KidSwitch is not only a great bathroom tool but also great for a child’s bedroom! Who needs a night light when you have a glow in the dark lighting tool that helps your child find the light switch quick and easy.

The KidSwitch is installed over the light switch by removing the screws already in the light cap and replacing them with screws that hold the Kidswitch in place. I love the fact that you are putting more holes in your wall and just utilizing the ones you already have. KidSwitch can be made for Toggle Style switches as well as  decora style switches.



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