I don’t have babies any longer, but I have 3 dogs that I’m highly allergic to, so baby gates are a necessity in my home.  There are so many options to choose from when purchasing a baby gate, and it’s hard to know what’s the right style or brand to go with.  Whether you’re buying a gate for your baby or your pet, the goals are the same – to keep them out of a certain area, and to keep them safe.  KidCo Safety Gates at the Kidco Gate Shop is there to help you do that.

KidCo makes superior quality baby gates and pet gates, and to top it off, they just upgrade their entire line of gates by adding more features and lowering prices.  Money’s tight for so many people right now, and the safety of your family isn’t something you can skimp on, so it’s nice to know that there’s a company out there that recognizes that and is trying to help you save money while still making a high quality product.

KidCo has such a wide variety of gates that they make safety proofing almost anything really easy.  Whether it’sdoorways, hearths, stairways, or even wide openings, they carry a gate that will work!  They also offer hardware mount gates, pressure mount gates, extra wide gates, and gate mounting kits, just to fit your installation needs.  They’ve really thought of everything – gate mounting kits to attach to a spindle of your banister, hole free post gate installation kits and pressure gate wall savers that protect your wall or woodwork from damage, extensions for custom enclosures, extra tall gates to keep even large pets in, and even a variety of walk-through gates for high traffic areas of your home where stepping over a gate would be really inconvenient.  They even have a Safety Gate Guide and Tips section of their website to help you select just the right gate for your needs.

I suppose you could go to a local store, settle on one of the few gates that they offer, and then struggle to install it because it doesn’t quite work in the space you need it for, but why go to the hassle?  Instead, go to KidCo and get exactly the right gate for your needs, a variety of installation options, and have it delivered to your door.  Installation will be a breeze because you were able to pick the mounting kit that fits your space!  And because you know it’s installed properly, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your family is truly safe.

Find all the new KidCo Safety Gates at the Kidco Gate Shop. KidCo makes superior quality baby gates, and pet gates. Safety proof with gates at your doorways, hearth,stairways, and wide openings. They have hardware mount gates, pressure mount gates, extra wide gates, and gate mounting kits that make it easier to install them. Not sure which safety gate you need, read our Safety Gate Guide and Tips for guidance.

KidCo has just upgraded it’s entire line of safety gates. They have added more features and lowered all the prices while maintaining their high quality.