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Kill Germs On Toothbrush with UV Light Technology Violife Sweepstakes

If you have boys, then you know they are super gross human beings. They are disgusting dirt devils who stick everything in their mouth. They also have NO IDEA what “aim” means. What is not “aimed” has to land somewhere! Ew right? But what can Kill Germs On Toothbrush?

A lot of germs can accumulate on your brush, I know this from travelling and just watching my kids.  You are inviting a party of germs on your toothbrush.  The Violife Hi-Ya Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer  is a great way to kill germs on your toothbrush while on the go.  The UV light technology kills 99.99% of germs, including H1N1, E. coli, Staph, and Salmonella.

Portable Electric Toothbrush

Mason loves his Slim Sonic Toothbrush.  This is the first portable electric toothbrush with a vented mascara-style cap.  It is small enough to carry with you for use at the office, the gym, or while out. You can also fit two of them inside the Ninja sanitizer!

It is great for kids and adults alike! It is slim enough to fit in the palm of you hand and cute enough to be an accessory in your purse on a regular basis! You can choose from 8 different stylish designs.  It vibrates at 22,000 brush strokes per minute, and comes with a replaceable toothbrush head.  There is also an extra toothbrush head included, free of charge! Since this toothbrush is small and discreet enough to go where ever you go, the fact that it fits in the toothbrush sanitizer is great sanitizing while on the go.  It retails for $14.95. Six readers on Makobi Scribe will win a Violife slim!


  1. I have the same problem with my toothbrush….Never heard of this germ killing item….would really solve my problem…..

  2. This is an excellent product for anyone to own for traveling or for use at home. Amazing product. Thank you for the honest review.

  3. Despite following violight on Twitter, it will not allow me this entry. The check mark even comes up as though it is going to give the entry but then gives me a message that it was not confirmed??? Help.

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