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Kitchen Gadgets To Make Life Easier


One of my favorite things to do is cook and if my kids are helping me, I love it even more!  Preparing and sharing meals as a family is really important to me. As my kids get older, it seems we spend less and less time together and to be honest, I miss hanging out with them.  When we do cook together, we don’t have a ton of time, so finding kitchen gadgets to make life easier is always a bonus.  Here are some of my favorite kitchen tools from a great company that cut down on our prepping and cooking time:

Kitchen Gadgets To Make Life Easier

  • Tongs:  One of the kitchen tools I use a lot when I am cooking are my tongs.  The problem with using tongs is when you aren’t using them, where do you put them so you don’t have a mess?  A really cool company by the name of Dreamfarm has solved that problem by designing kitchen gadgets to make life easier.  One very cool tool from Dreamfarm is a unique gadget called Clongs.  When you aren’t using your  Clongs, they lock in place and you can stand them up and they unlock with a simple click when you need them!  Clongs have silicone tips that won’t scratch your cookware and they are heat resistant up to 500 degrees.  You can buy a set of Clongs  for $19.95 on the Dreamfarm website, Amazon and several other online stores.
  • Scizza: My family loves homemade pizza and making it is as fun as eating it, especially when the cheese is nice and gooey.  I am not very proficient in using a pizza cutter and my slices always get wonky.  With a pair of Scizza, you can toss your pizza cutter out the window and slice your pizza easily.  This cool tool is a cross between a pair of scissors and a spatula they make cutting my pizza so much easier!  You just slide the Scizza under the pizza and cut it into slices, squares or even bite size pieces. With a pizza cutter I would get the cheese stuck to it and it made a huge mess but with the Scizza, there is no mess!  Yay!  You can buy the Scizza for $29.95 on the Dreamfarm website, Amazon and several other online stores.

The design team at Dreamfarm have built a reputation for thinking outside of the box.  Their products my look out of the ordinary, but that is part of their charm and function.  It is the differences between Dreamfarm products and those of their competitors that make Dreamfarm stand out.  Take the Clongs for instance; it is the unusual design that makes them stand on their own, making them cool looking and functional.

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