Kitchen Organization Solutions

I am a mess. Well, my kitchen is. I had (pre-YouCopia) my spices stacked all over the place covering three shelves in my cabinet. That was the whole cabinet! Now that I found YouCopia, I am able to organize everything so much better and even get a little more space out of my tiny kitchen.

Kitchen Organization Solutions

Keeping your kitchen organized can be quite the challenge sometimes.  With all the gadgets, tools, spices and coffee pods all those little things can really look like quite the mess and take up a lot of space.  YouCopia has many of the kitchen organization solutions you would need to not only provide order, but also to save space.  They are offer great solutions to for storing and organizing spices, Nespresso Capsules, and K Cups.

YouCopia Products philosophy is that every item in your home should have a purpose and a place, and when your home meets that criteria you feel more calm and in control.  Thus was the thought behind the design of the YouCopia Spice Rack.  Owner Mark Greenwood, who is an inventor by trade, hooked up with product engineer Brian McLain to design and develop a spice rack that would not only allow for organization but would also save space.   Mark Greenwood and his daughter Lauren established the company, YouCopia, in 2006.

YouCopia offers two sizes in their spice racks.  Both are designed to fit right in your cabinet and have these amazing drawers that lower to eye-level so the labels can be read.  The smaller spice rack, the Original SpiceStack, holds 18 full-size or 36 half-size spice bottles, whereas the larger unit, the Chef’s Chef’s Edition SpiceStack, holds 30 full-size or 60 half-size spice bottles.  To help make your labeling easy, they both include 96 drawer labels 48 of which are printed and 48 are blank.  Also, since you do not want your spice rack sliding around when you open and close it, these spice racks from YouCopia have non-skid feet to hold the unit securely in place.

Nespresso Capsule Organizer

There are also two kids of coffee holders carried by YouCopia.  There is the CafeStack, a Nespresso capsule organizer, which is the only capsule organizer designed for the kitchen cabinet.  It holds 60 Nespresso capsules.  Then there is the Coffee Stack, which is a K-Cup organizer and holds up to 40 k-cups.  Both of these coffee holders fit nicely into your cabinet, keeping your coffee flavors neatly organized and saving space on your counter tops.  They also save plenty of space in your cabinets since they organize your spices so well. The drawers are designed to lower to a resting position so you can easily see and select your coffee of choice.  Non-skid feet hold your units securely in place.  The Coffee Stack comes in two colors, Black and silver.  Whereas the CafeStack is available in 6 colors, including: putty, grey, light blue, red, dark blue, and yellow.

Having an organized kitchen can create such a sense of order in your household, for more information on these space saving solutions visit YouCopia today.  These products are available for purchase at various retailers throughout the U.S.  For a complete list of retailers in your area check out the where to buy link on their website.

One of my readers will one of these item of their choice from YouCopia.

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