Ways To Give Thanks at Thanksgiving Table

The turkey gobbling holiday is drawing near and now time to find ways to give thanks. Everyone gathers at some family member’s home to experience a beautiful and chilly November day with laughter and cheer. Football games are playing in the background while seats start to fill up around the dinner table. It is a family tradition of mine to talk about what we are all most thankful for or tell stories of the thoughtful things they have done for someone else over the past year. Being that I love to fill the roll of the caretaker (I must get it from my mom), Fall makes for the perfect combination for comforting unlucky people that have been hit with the infamous flu or cold.

Ways To Give Thanks

One of the most enjoyable ways of making another person feel better (flu induced or not) is filling up parking meters that are about to expire. Around this time a few years ago, I caught the unfortunate seasonal bug and was bed-ridden for a week. Living in a metropolitan city means many parking meters and much more parking tickets. Seeing as I could barely raise my head up let alone move my car, I ended up getting four lovely tickets. Over $100 later, I decided to make it a vow to myself that if I saw any meters that were running low, I would be sure to fill them up again so they could avoid the parking fairy’s gift. This is just one of my small ways to give thanks.

My daughter is at the why stage and always asks why I do nice things for strangers. I remind her that when someone does something nice for you, being grateful and thanking them for the kindness is very important. Like how she thanks me when I buy Popsicles if she has a sore throat or when I put a cold washcloth on her forehead when she is running a fever.  Just like my mom used  to do when I was younger. Somehow I was accompanied with a runny nose. My mom would grab the vapor rub and make me stick it under my nose to clear my sinuses and rub lotion on the tip of my nose where it wore raw. A generation later and I find myself using the same home remedies. Except, this flu season I have freshened them up by adding Kleenex to my Emergency Mommy Kit.

Kleenex Cares

Kleenex is now giving you, the consumer, the change to complete their own  emergency flu kit with  a Kleenex Brand Care Pack. All you have to do in order to participate is visit your local retailer, purchase a Kleenex brand bundle pack (or a pantry full) and redeem the code on the box. After stocking up to prepare for a household full of sniffles, visit Kleenex.com and follow the directions to send a Care Pack to someone who needs extra tender love and care this season. Now you will have your own little way to give thanks this year! Check out Kleenex on Facebook too!

I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Kleenexbrand and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.