Krafty Lady Kreations

Krafty Lady Kreations etsy shop sent me an adorable baby girls monster hat and baby girls beret with flower. The owner of Krafty Lady Kreations was so sweet to send me two hats to review.  I told the owner of Krafty Lady Kreations to suprise me with a great hat for Christmas in July and she surprised me with two of her beautiful creations!! These hats were so cute and knitted to perfection. I’m so excited to photograph many babies to come in these hats.

The first hat I pulled out of the shipping package with a little girls monster hat. It was so cute and perfect for any little girl who has lots of personality. The monster hat was mad with ear flaps in a bright pink color with red trim. Under the ear flaps the yarn was braided with bright pink, red, and purple. The top of the hat had two purple ears, red and purple “monster hair”, and two white eyes with purple eye balls. The hat was made with soft acrylic yarn. This type of yarn is perfect for busy little ones because it can be washed and will not shrink or fade with washing. Doesn’t get much better then that!

The second hat Krafty Lady Kreations sent me was perfect for a little girl with charm! This baby girls beret was made with a color watermelon-like pink and had a knitted white flower with green leaves. It was so cute and so girly!! I loved it!! The knit cap is a perfect photo prop and would look very cute paired with Mary Jane Booties made by Krafty Lady Keations. Taking this hat outside of the studio, it would be perfect with a little pea coat or sweater in the winter.

Krafty Lady Kreations has many adorable knit items for babies and toddler of both genders. She has created adorable and creative hats, high top sneaker booties, Mary Jane booties, firefighter bootie/sets, diaper covers, fringe blankets, and much more. Right now, Krafty Lady Kreations High Top Sneaker Booties are being featured on’s Top Baby Gifts under $20! Another great fact about Krafy Lady Kreations is she sells items that are made from organic cotton. I thought this store was great!!

Krafty Lady Kreations is a sponsor of the Christmas in July Event on July 25-31. Make sure you  check out their website: Krafty Lady Kreations to win an item of choose under $25 as part of the final package!