I love a good kitchen gadget or accessory.  For me, there’s nothing better than something that can make my job easier while I cook.  Kuchenprofi offers a huge selection of kitchen gadgets and accessories that you never knew you needed!  Their products will make your life easier in the kitchen.

Unique Kitchen Accessory Ideas

My son is 13, and is learning to love cooking.  We decided to make a pot roast, and he wanted to help cut the onions.  As a parent, I know he has to learn by doing, but I still want him to be safe when working with a sharp knife.  Kuchenprofi’s Onion Holder/Slicing Guide (upper left picture) made slicing an onion easy for him and safe as well!  Additionally, it ensured that the slices would be even.  The holder was very comfortable to hold, and stayed very stable while using it.  Then, to achieve a small dice, he used the Mincing Knife (lower right picture).  This knife was super easy to use, and again very comfortable to hold.  You just gather your food in a pile, and rock the knife back and forth.  It made quick work of mincing the onion – much quicker than with a regular knife.  It’s very sharp, so it slice through the onions really easily.

Then, when it was time to serve my roast, we used the Roast Lifting/Cutting Tongs (upper right picture).  What a great idea!  No matter what type of roast I make, it’s always a pain to get out of the roaster, since it’s so big.  These tongs made it really easy to grab the entire thing to transfer to the platter.  Then, the individual guides allowed us to cut equal portions while holding the meat still.

The final item we tested was the Pot-Top-Strainer-Sieve (bottom left picture).  I actually used this to drain the potatoes, but the steam overwhelmed the picture I took.  I’ve been wanting one of these for years!  What an easy way to drain your pot of excess water or oil.  It has great handles on the sides so it won’t slip and so you don’t burn your hands.  I always make a mess trying to hold a lid partially on the pot while draining or I dirty a colander, just to drain water.  That’s no longer necessary!  This is a quick and much easier alternative.

All of these products were clearly of high quality.  I could tell just by the weight and construction.  I’m sure these all will last me many years, and I know I’ll use them on a regular basis.  The best part is that these are only a few of the really cool products that Kuchenprofi offers.  Check out their online catalog, and then head on over to Amazon to pick something up for yourself!

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