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Bust Enhancers

I am wearing bust enhancers in this picture. You can totally tell, if you know me in real life, that I am enhancing my breasts with bra inserts: Bust Up Cups. I have bigger, fuller breasts by simply placing the Bust Up Cups inside my bra while staying comfortable because the bra inserts are light-weight and breathable. You can purchase them for $29.95. I gained a full size (if not more) from these bra enhancers than my normal two fried eggs on a nail.


Kymaro Body Shaper

In addition to the bust enhancers, in the picture above, I am also wearing Kymaro shapewear for women body shaper. The Kymaro womens shapewear comes in two parts – a body shapewear underwear with a cotton gusset and the most comfortable shapewear for the top. You can purchase this for $29.95 as well. I found some for a wicked decent price on Amazon. No surgery for tummy tucks, saddlebags, hips and thighs or for silicone breast enhancement. Just visit Kymaro for the best slimming shapewear!

Kymaro Cardiwrap

The Kymaro Cardiwrap can instantly create a vast array of pleasing body styles. In the above three pictures, I am wearing the same Cardiwrap by Kymaro in three different styles. This shawl cardigan can enhance, hide, or completely transform your figure for only $39.95 at Kymaro. It is really simple to wear each of the styles with only a bangle to hold it all together. It was fun trying to emulate a lot of the styles, and I learned for my pear shape it looks best for my hips to draw the eye down with a deep V-neck. When coupled with the Kymaro body shapewear and breast enhancers, you can get a look that will turn your husband’s head!




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