Laken and Lila collageLaken & Lila sent me a beautiful handmade child’s skirt to review. Laken & Lila is a children’s clothing store on Etsy.  They have been featured on Babbles Top 50 of Etsy’s baby shop; making  #6 on Etsy’s best clothing. I can most certainly see why. Laken & Lila has adorable boys and girl clothes in the most stylish fashions. When approaching Laken & Lila for a review, one of the things that most stood out to me was the stylish material.

My daughter Ava thinks we have the best mail box in the world. Magical, would be the word. When the magical mailbox bought her this skirt, she was quite pleased with the mailbox. I then had to explain to her where this skirt came from and how thankful she should be to Laken & Lila. She is thankful! The owner of Laken & Lila, makes quality clothing from 100% cotton fabrics. She ensures her customers that all items are made for long lasting wear. I believe the owner of Laken & Lila after seeing her product in person and washing it in my washing machine. I of course laid it flat to dry, as I do with all the girls “fancy” clothing items.

The skirt that was sent to me was the 2/3t Milly Twirl Skirt. The top of the skirt has a elastic waist made from a bright pink and white polka dot material. The material has a lime green ric rac a little over a third of the way down from the waist, separating the next piece of material. The material featured on the bottom is brown with large colorful flowers in bright pink, orange, blue, and green. The Laken & Lila label on the bottom left of the skirt. Such a beautiful skirt

Laken & Lila have many great clothing items for sale such as skirts, dresses, tops, and pants. They even have a great display of coordinating sibling outfits and mommy and me; It doesn’t get much cuter then that. Looking for great gift giving ideas? Laken & Lila is sure to have something for you, plus they offer complimentary gift wrapping service.

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