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Land-o-Frost Lunchmeat Kits

Land O Frost has it all wrapped up by bringing you 5 delicious wrap kits to have on hand for easy to make lunch for your family.

Pepper Jack & Oven Roasted Turkey, Swiss & Black Forest Ham, Cheddar & Roast Beef, and Cheddar & chipolte Turkey are the available choice you have to tantalize your family at lunch time.

The Land O Frost Wrap Kits are so easy to make that even my son, Billy, was able to construct his own sandwich, which if any of you have lazy teens will understand what a great feat that truly is. My youngest two toddlers also liked the wraps and they were easy for them to hold without the mess dripping out since it was wrapped up!

Every wrap kit contains enough to make 5 wraps and has meat, cheese and tortillas. It is packaged in a resealable package so it will stay fresh. Download a coupon for $1.00 off here. You can buy these Land O Frost Wrap Kits at your local grocer!

You can find Land O Frost on Facebook and Twitter and they have the greatest blog full of tips and parenting stories at Land O Moms
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